ZX-VGA-JOY is a result of my hobby retro-computer project. At first, I did this for myself because ZX Spectrum was my first touch with computers and I wanted to improve something on it. The worst thing was TV or composite(mod)  picture. I set the goal to make piece of hardware as simple as possible (in components count, and components price) which will connect ZX Spectrum computers to any kind of VGA monitors without any modification on the original computer. I find challenging to build a solution around a modern cost-effective microcontroller which should generate VGA signals, grab video data from Spectrum bus and manage synchronization of frame buffers. In the end, it is possible with the help of a few high-speed logic ICs.

During the process of development, I discovered that many people also like old 8-bit computers and there are lots of new games released these days. So I wanted to share this with others. ZX-VGA-JOY will be produced at my company and soon it will be in retro-computer shops.

If You have any question or suggestion, feel free to send me a message.

Goran Radan